To become a world expert in the field
of flow field measurement and control
Help the world to build intelligently
Innovation, precision, sincerity, struggle!
WINDTUNER provides customized probes (including probes calibration) and air data measurement systems to our customers, to help them measure and collet the pressure, the temperature, and the velocity as well as the angle of a flow efficiently and accurately.  WINDTUNER is an innovative company developing fluid-dynamic metrology devices. Our founders have gained a large amount of experience in the field of fluid-dynamic measurement systems. We have customers in wind tunnel testing, turbomachinery, automotive,and aviation industries. Wecreate innovative customer-specific fluid-dynamic probes and measurement systems, which are individually tailored to your custom use-case.

WINDTUNER has a professional team of aerodynamics engineers to design probes. We provide robust solutions for application in complex and harsh flow environments, such as measurements in narrow space, wide-angle, and high temperature. We have manufacturing centers located in Dalian and Shenyang. The mature manufacturing process technology allows us to provide a full range of series and high-quality probes to our customers. Furthermore, WINDTUNER is equipped with a fully automated probe calibration wind tunnel laboratory, which can conduct probe calibration services for customers. We are able to custom design every probe uniquely to fit your application. Geometry, size, and material are specially selected for your requirements.

WINDTUNER was founded by a team of professors and doctors from a well-known wind tunnel laboratory. Our founders have an average of 10 years’ experience in the field of fluid-dynamic measurement systems. We constantly invest in research and development. Our entrepreneurial spirit and motivation drive us to be the world-leading expert in the field of fluid-dynamic measurement systems. We are willing to provide the best quality products and services for companies,industries, universities, and research institutions worldwide.

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