WINDTUNER provides various probes calibration services for customers, such as total temperature and total pressure probes. Probe calibration is performed in a professional calibration wind tunnel.

The calibrated wind tunnel tester consists of five parts: intake section, diffusion section, steady flow section, convergence section, and the test section. The compressed air produced by the highpressure blower enters the shunt after water cooling and flows through the intake section, diffusion section, steady flow section, convergence section successively through the intake valve, and finally enters the test section. The wind tunnel outlet diameter is 120mm, the outlet Mach number range is 0~ 0.85 Ma. The wind tunnel adjusts the target Mach number through the control and adjustment of the main compressor speed, and part of the Mach number also requires the main and auxiliary compressor to cooperate with each other to achieve.

Technical indicators for wind tunnel calibration (Accuracy level)

Calibrated wind tunnel

The outlet diameter of the contraction section

is 120mm

Max. Mach 0.85 Ma, min. 5m/s

Uniformity of the total pressure field in the core area 0.2%

Total pressure field pulsation in the core area   


Body of the
calibrated wind tunnel
Opening of the calibrated wind tunnel
Fully automatic displacement table
High-resolution probe calibration system
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